The Migos Menu: A 5 course meal in preparation of ‘Culture 2’

It's time to eat ourselves straight into Culture II with a collection of the Migos' best culinary lyrics:

The Migos have themselves had a year. Since the beginning of 2017, no hip-hop artist has been more relevant or influential than the Atlanta-based trio: A year after the releasing their landmark album Culture, the group’s style, flow and delivery completely dominates mainstream rap, even in songs they don’t appear on.

Culture II, the trio’s highly anticipated follow-up, is set to drop this Friday, and it’s very possible Quavo, Offset and Takeoff have another year of hip-hop supremacy on their hands. Bracing for an album this potentially earth-shattering requires some careful preparation, and there’s no better way to prepare for a Migos album than with a delicious, trap-infused feast.

If you haven’t noticed, the Migos really like food—whether they’re rapping about fast casual burger spots, comparing themselves to Chef Boyardee or intricately describing a chili recipe, So, let’s eat ourselves straight into Culture II with a collection of the group’s best culinary lyrics:

NOTE: In order to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are served during this meal, I’ve exclusively included lyrics from songs released within the past year.

The hors d’oeuvres

For our first course we have a small plate sampling of Rap Snacks, the hip-hop-inspired potato chips that Migos strangely released their own promotional track in support of. There are tons of flavors of these junk food gems, including the Lil Yachty-themed spicy lime and the Fetty Wap-based honey jalepeno—but for this meal we’ll go with the Migos’ own sour cream variety, served alongside a generous dab of ranch.

You woke up and you don’t know what to do. And you a little hungry. Rap snacks with a dab of ranch. – Takeoff, “Dab of Ranch”

The Soup

Soup is traditionally served before the appetizer, but today we’re going to mix things up as this dish will be a little more filling than usual. In honor of “Bad and Bougie,” the song that arguably changed everything for Migos, chef Quavo Ratatouille will be serving up a hearty stew—prepared, unsurprisingly, in a crockpot.

I’m always hangin’ with shooters. Might be posted somewhere secluded. Still be playin’ with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille. – Quavo, “Bad and Bougie”

The Salad

To prepare for the main course, we’ll expand our stomachs with a refreshing salad—more specifically, a Frog Eye Salad (which, much to my own surprise, is something that actually does exist). This special recipe is a reference to the Culture single “T-Shirt,” in which Takeoff also mentions his “pocket full of cottage,” meaning we’ll be throwing some fatty cheese in with the dish as well.

1995, 2005. Seen it with my eyes, dope still alive. Real mob ties, real frog eyes. Real whole pies, all-time high. – Quavo “T-Shirt”

The Main Course

Rather than a typical meat and veggies offering, our entree will consist of a bountiful fast food sampling, curated by the Migos’ own affinity for comparing themselves to chain restaurants. There will be fried chicken from Popeyes (mentioned in “Stir Fry”) and Zaxby’s (“Call Casting”), burgers from Five Guys (“Stir Fry”), nuggets from McDonald’s (“MotorSport”) and a hefty barbecue plate from Shane’s Rib Shack (“Call Casting”).

This gold on my neck a plaque. Bando Shane’s Rib Shack. – Takeoff, “Call Casting”

The Dessert

Our pallet-cleansing finale with be a bowl of refreshing Italian gelato, as mentioned by Offset during Calvin Harris’ star-studded spring anthem, “Slide.” Since Offset was technically talking about marijuana, this last dish will be offered either frozen, or, as the Migos take it, smoked.

She swallowed the bottle while I sit back and smoke gelato. Walk in my mansion, twenty thousand painting, Picasso. – Offset, “Slide”

Want to listen while you dine? Check out my Culture II prep playlist featuring every song mentioned in this story, and a few more of my favorites from the past year:

Photo Cred: Quinton/Flickr


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