Playlist: The lazy geniuses

Talent and hard work are two very different things. Just because you’re an incredible artist doesn’t mean you have to try to be incredible: from Jeff Bridge’s “The Dude” to any photo of Joe Biden wearing sunglasses, the world loves a slacker.

Laid-back, care-free and hardly trying is an aesthetic that will never go out of style, especially in music. And that’s exactly what this playlist is here for. It’s a celebration of the half-asleep heroes: the lazy musicians curled up in their rooms, surrounded by burnt pop tarts and day-old Bud Light cans, creating pure, unadulterated magic.

These slacker-songwriters follow in the footsteps of talented deadbeats like Mac Demarco and Courtney Barnett, offering an updated take on the lethargy-rock genre. Recommended: This playlist is best enjoyed during the summer months, when days are longer and responsibilities seem far less pressing. Grab a pillow, open up a can of Pringles and give it a listen:

Photo: Scott Schiller/Flickr

Categories: Playlists

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