Playlist: A not-so-rude awakening

I only drink my coffee one way—totally black. It’s not because I hate lattes, or Americanos or even unicorn Frappuccinos: those are all varyingly acceptable things to enjoy, and they all have their place in the caffeine-consuming world.

My reasoning is totally utilitarian. I separate my morning into two phases: Phase 1, which involves being very unhappy about no longer being asleep, and Phase 2, which involves me finishing a cup of coffee and being generally fine with things. My goal is to get from Phase 1 to Phase 2 as fast as possible. Black coffee expedites that process.

Still, there’s nothing particularly subtle about consuming straight caffeine—it’s a lot more like a punch in the face than a gentle massage. Some days (and here’s where the analogy falls apart), I need to a punch in the face and a massage. 

That’s what this playlist comes in. Consider it the cream to your coffee; the snooze button to your alarm clock; it’s the thing that helps take the edge off of that rude awakening just enough to make it tolerable. These songs aren’t overwhelming, but they’ll certainly get the job done. The perfect combo of brain-shocking energy and peaceful melodies, they’re scientifically designed to start your day without also immediately ruining it:

Photo: Marco Verch/Flickr

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