Your official X-Más Importante holiday playlist

Christmas albums are a lot like fantasy football teams: everybody's got one, and usually, no one cares about yours.

Holiday playlists might be corny, but that doesn’t mean they’re overrated

Christmas albums are a lot like fantasy football teams: everybody’s got one, and no one is particularly interested in hearing about what makes yours special.

Whether it’s Miley Cyrus, Bob Dylan or even Afroman (whose classic 2006 album includes tracks such as “O Chronic Tree” and “Deck My Balls”), every nearly every artist has given holiday music a stab at some point.

But just because something’s common doesn’t mean its unnecessary. Holiday music is important, tone-setting tradition for millions of people, and the mind-boggling number of Christmas records means at least some of it is bound to be at least halfway decent.

That’s what this playlist strives to do. We’re straying from the tired, repetitive classics, but that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring tradition. These songs all tote a fine line: they might feel a little off the beaten path, but they still all land in that cozy, comfortably corny holiday music zone.

Photo: Jaro Larnos/Flickr

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